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Our Services

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We specialize in various kinds of people photography and videography. Our shoots broadly cover wedding, maternity, babies and kids, events, portraitures etc. We also undertake commercial photography that ranges from corporate portraitures to e-commerce photography to industrial photography. Below are the details of various services that we provide to our clients.


Our wedding photography is timeless, inspirational and fun. We cover events like engagements, pre-wedding and wedding. Our services include candid and traditional photography/videography and wedding invitation videos, along with albums.

Maternity and baby shower

In a woman's life, pregnancy is a brief period of time when a mother-to-be looks different with a baby bump. Capturing the memories of her during this period will always be cherished by her and her family.

New born and kids

The beauty, cuteness and innocence of the new born are unparalleled. We often try to create unique pictures for every new born baby that we photograph. We cover birthday parties and cake smashing too, and we give importance to these events as they are the joyous moments of the kids. We take special care and show immense patience to capture the very best candid moments while photographing new born and kids.


We cover a wide range of portrait photography that includes fashion, corporate and family. We are well versed with posing techniques for individual and group photos.


We often undertake event photography projects that represent a person or people doing what they are best at doing. We have immense experience and a wealth of knowledge in covering stage events like dance to social events like opening ceremonies and anniversaries of businesses, including corporate events and parties.

Family functions

We cover house warming, thread ceremonies and other family functions. These functions are usually challenging because the rituals are often performed during late evenings and in early mornings. Once we are hired as photographers, we are punctual and manage our work without any quam.

Industrial photography.

We do on-site photography in factories and other businesses. Our photography helps your business through showcasing the equipment and machineries that is used. It also demonstrates how your business functions on a daily basis through the lives of the workers and the ecosystem.

Interiors/Architecture and ambience

We do interior and architectural photography for residential and commercial properties like hotels, villas, apartments, restaurants and pubs. Our photographs communicate the intent of the designers by interpreting their work into two-dimensional images that accurately conveys the feelings of being in the place itself.

Product and lifestyle

Product and lifestyle photography represents your products within a styled scene to demonstrate the intended purpose of the product and how a potential customer can use it. We make both e-commerce and stylized images of your products for e-comm websites and for advertisements purposes, respectively. At LN fotoz, product photography is given special attention so that the images demonstrate the quality, size and shape of the product that describes the features of the product usage. We also make short videos of your products for advertisement purposes.

Food Photography

Food photography is one of the most challenging types of product photography, where it is imminent to know how to light and shoot food both technically and artistically. We do food photography both in studio and on location.  We can provide you with the necessary insight on how to structure your food photography shoot along with advice on food styling. Most aggressive marketers know video is the most powerful media content tool for web and social media marketing.

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